ONLINE Cooking Class

ONLINE cooking classes

Our ONLINE cooking classes are not available at the moment.
But our in-person cooking classes at our farm are now available again!
Hope to see you there!

Starts at only 15 US$** 

Bring our cooking school to your kitchen and learn how to cook Thai food in a cook-a-long online experience. 

We値l guide you through from shopping to the final result of a delicious Thai dish!


 'SINGLE DISH' menu @15 US$

- NEW! Thai Spring Rolls or

- NEW! Papaya Salad or

-Pad Thai or 

-Green Curry 


'DOUBLE DISH' menu @20 US$

- NEW! Fried Rice and Bananas in Coconut Milk or


Tom Kha soup and Sweet & Sour Stir-Fry or


Tom Yam soup and Stir-Fry with Cashew Nuts


What is included in your online cooking class:

-      A detailed shopping list and its substitutes.

Our shopping list has substitutes in case you can稚 find what you are looking for in your country. It has pictures of ingredients and necessary cooking utensils. On top of that, you will find further details and guidelines on how to get ready for your cooking class!

-      Even we are miles apart, we still love to take you around our organic farm. During the class we will share a short video about our farm. You will learn about some of the herbs and ingredients that we proudly grow ourselves

-      LIVE cooking class. We値l guide you through the entire cooking process to make your own Thai dish from scratch. Ask your cooking instructor any questions while cooking.

-      After the cooking class, we値l send you our recipe by email


How it works, it痴 so easy:

-      Book your class online via our booking form or by sending us an email at least 24 hours in advance ( make sure you have enough time to go shopping )

-      We値l send you a confirmation of availability and a payment link to pay via credit card

-      After payment you will receive our detailed shopping list

-      We値l send you a link to download Zoom and log-in details to join our cooking class. All you need is a laptop/smartphone/tablet and a good internet connection.

-      After the class is finished, we will send you our recipe, so no need to make notes during your cooking class



One of our happy guests in our online cooking class all the way in Arizona, USA.

You can choose to make your dish vegan, vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

The price is 15 US$ for our 'Single Dish' menu and 20 US$ for our 'Double Dish' menu.**

** One person cooks and one other person can help out or watch along via the same screen. At one location, you will prepare only one set that serves about two people. If you need a larger portion, you can prepare on your own again after the cooking class. 

If you would like to join the class with several people from the same location/kitchen and cook multiple sets, we will charge per set.

If other friends or family would like to join the same cooking class from a different location, you can make a booking for several locations, the rate is 15US$ or 20 US$ per location. It's a great way to connect with your family and friends who are staying in different countries/states.

Good to know:

-      Our online cooking class has been set up professionally with attention to sound and lighting. We will have two screens/angles in our Zoom call. One where you can see your cooking instructor explaining and a second one, our cooking cam, where you will see a close-up of our chopping board and stove.

-   Duration of the class: about 1 hour (for single dish menu) to 1,5 hour (for double dish menu)

-      Our cooking classes are join-in classes, other guests might join the cooking class. Would you like to have a private event just for your family, friends or co-workers, contact us for more information!




*We do our best to reach our guests from all over the world who are in different time zones!

To make a booking, you can just let us know which menu during which time slot (available time slots are below) you would like to learn and we will check availability for you.

While making a booking, let us know for which Chiang Mai ICT time ( as in the schedule below ) you would like to make a reservation. We offer online cooking classes every day.

You can join us from anywhere in the world!

Chiang Mai 06.30 AM ICT

New York     


Los Angeles




07.30 PM EDT (-1 day)

07.30 PM EDT (-1 day)

04.30 PM PDT (-1 day)

06.30 PM CDT (-1 day)

05.30 PM MDT (-1 day)

01.30 PM HST (-1 day)

Chiang Mai  08.30 AM ICT

Los Angeles 






06.30 PM PDT (-1 day)

08.30 PM CDT (-1 day)

07.30 PM MDT (-1 day)

11.30 AM AEST

01.30 PM NZST

09.30 AM SGT

Chiang Mai 04.30 PM ICT





Hong Kong  


11.30 AM CEST

10.30 AM BST

07.30 PM AEST

05.30 PM SGT

05.30 PM HKT

01.30 PM GST

Chiang Mai 07.00 PM ICT




Hong Kong  


01.00 PM BST

02.00 PM CEST

08.00 PM SGT

08.00 PM HKT

02.00 PM SAST



04.00 PM GST

   *if you prefer to join us a specific time that is not on our list, contact us to see what is possible

If your timezone is not on the list, check your time zone here:

Hope to welcome you to our online Thai cooking class soon! If any questions, don't hesitate to contact us for further information!