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Recipe book



Each student will receive a full color recipe book after the cooking class. You will find recipes of all the dishes you have cooked during your class and a few extra's! It has photos from all the ingredients that we use with a clear explanation. The recipes come with photo instructions which will make it easier for you to cook at home.

The recipes are easy to follow. Using our recipe book you will notice that making Thai food is easy! During our courses, we will teach you substitutes for some ingredients which are hard to find in your country.
 Some of the Thai dishes that you will be able to find in our RECIPE BOOK




   Green Curry with chicken  famous sweet and spicy curry with coconut milk
   Tom Yam Shrimps  hot and sour soup with prawns
   Bananas in Coconut milk  creamy sweet dessert
   Stir-fry with Basil  delicious spicy stir-fried dish
   Spring rolls  crunchy deep fried appetizer
   Red Curry  spicy creamy curry
   Papaya Salad  fresh and crunchy salad with a variety of tastes
   Mango with Sticky Rice  refreshing sweet and creamy dessert
   Pad Thai  fried noodles mixed with beansprouts and tofu
   Stir-fry with Cashew Nuts  stir-fried dish, crunchy and not spicy
 Sweet and sour recipe

  Here is our sweet and sour recipe

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