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A Day At Our School

‘Sawadee ton chao’ which means ‘Good morning!’ Today is your great day and we wish you to enjoy your day with us at our organic farm. Between 08:30 to 9:00 the teacher will come to pick you up from your hotel or guesthouse.

We will bring you to Ruamchook-market, which is a large and clean market just outside the city on the way to our farm. The teacher will explain you about rice, how to make fresh coconut milk and how to choose seasoning products. You will have enough time to walk around and take pictures and watch vendors selling their products.

After 20 minutes driving we will arrive at our farm. Our guests love the view of the surrounding mountains and the tranquility of the countryside. After a refreshing drink, we will take you around the farm, explain you about the ingredients, how to pick them and show you how they actually grow.

We will take place at the terrace above the fishpond where we start pounding the curry paste (one person= one mortar). In the kitchen each person gets his own cooking station. You will start cooking the dishes that you have chosen from our menu. You get to choose six dishes out of different categories. Please remember: our course is completely hands on, it is you who has to do all the cooking.  We will prepare four dishes in the morning ( of which one curry paste ) and two more in the afternoon.


Time for your lunch. Eat together with your friends of the cooking class. Most of our guests feel full after lunch so you can take away your 'afternoon' meals to your guesthouse or hotel and enjoy for your dinner.

You are on holiday, so you should have enough time to relax and enjoy yourself. After lunch and before preparing two more meals in the afternoon you will have time to sit down and relax, take a walk and admire the beautiful landscape, rice fields and farm. Enjoy your day out of the busy city, because that is what we want to achieve: a day for you to learn and see a different Thailand. You will have  a wonderful memory of our farm and our cooking and teaching skills.
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